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      Publishing in the life sciences and tourism

      Our book publishing programme covers the life sciences and sustainable development, contributing to study, practice and professional development. Find out more and browse by subject area below, or use the search bar above to look for a particular title, author or topic.

      Discover the latest textbooks, research monographs and practitioner titles

      CABI new books catalogue

      Browse the newest CABI titles by subject area, and see what's forthcoming in 2020

      Useful information

      Open Access services

      Making tools and research available to solve problems in agriculture and the environment

      Information for authors

      Essential information on what to expect from the publication process


      CABI publishes upper-level course texts across the life sciences and tourism

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      Most CABI books are also available in electronic format. Whilst we don't sell these direct to individuals, you will find them through all your usual eBook retailers or library suppliers.