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      Publishing your book with CABI

      Here you will find essential information on what to expect from the publication process, from writing and submitting a book proposal, through to information on marketing and royalties.


      Join the CABI family

      At CABI we publish around 70 new books each year and we know that authors are vital to our success. As a small independent publisher, we are able to offer a personal service to our authors. We are committed to supporting our authors and consult with them throughout the publication process, from initial proposal to the marketing of the published book.

      CAB Reviews

      CABI also publishes an online reviews journal,?CAB Reviews. We are currently accepting submissions for the journal. ?If you are interested in publishing a review with us, please contact the editor.

      Meet the Editorial Team

      Meet the team and find out a bit more about each of them. If you have any queries or proposals please do get in touch.

      More Information

      Publishing products

      CABI supports study, practice and development across the applied life sciences through books, eBooks, compendia and online…

      Rights and permissions

      Purchase rights and request permissions for CABI books

      Sales information

      Ordering information and local reps for books, subscription products, and microbial services