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      CABI Agriculture and Bioscience Journal

      CABI Agriculture and Bioscience?is a broad-scope, open access journal publishing original research and data in all fields related to agriculture and the biosciences.

      The journal subject includes traditional themes such as plant science and plant breeding, horticulture, forestry, plant pathology, entomology and pest management, livestock and animal science, invasive species, environmental and soil science, and social sciences. The journal encourages inter- and cross-disciplinary research that connects these ‘vertical’ subject areas through ‘horizontal’ themes, including: genomics; big data; climate change; evidence-based agriculture; technology; sustainability, restoration and conservation; agro-ecology; food security and nutrition; and modelling.

      CABI Agriculture and Bioscience?aims to create an inclusive culture and will judge each submission on the quality of its scientific content, rather than its perceived or expected impact. The journal will not set a rejection quota – instead it will work collaboratively with authors through rigorous peer review to bring out the quality in their work. In doing so,?CABI Agriculture and Bioscience?augments the accessible knowledge pool in agricultural science and supports the concept of Open Agriculture.