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      CABI first established a centre in India in 1948. Ever since, the centre has been implementing programmes and working with partners to help improve the lives of people and communities in the region.


      South Asia is agriculture-oriented – more than 50% of the population is engaged in agriculture as its primary occupation. The region produces some key food security crops, and is responsible for feeding a significant proportion of the world.

      CABI’s centre in India works to improve the lives of local people and communities in the region, through a variety of methods. It helps smallholder farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their crops, enabling them to achieve better prices, and works to increase opportunities for trade. It also provides training and access to knowledge for farmers that will help them to improve crop quality whilst safeguarding the environment.

      Specific programmes include the regional implementation of CABI’s global Plantwise initiative, which aims to help farmers lose fewer crops to pests and diseases, and thus increase their yields. ?The use of safe biological controls is encouraged, and trained extension workers hold free advisory plant clinics for farmers in the local area.

      The centre collaborates with a number of public, private and governmental bodies across the region, to enable the effective and efficient implementation of programmes, and to enable impact to be studied. Work so far has yielded tangible economic and social benefits for the local communities, as well as the environment.

      Future aims include the establishment of a sustainable CABI presence in each country of the region, and attracting sustainable investment funding for the centre’s various agriculture and environment initiatives.

      Contact us: CABI Publishing

      Manish Singh

      CABI is a leading publisher of agriculture, environment and public health products across India and southern Asia, including?CAB Abstracts, to which all 140+ ICAR institutes and agricultural universities subscribe either individually or through the?CeRA consortium.

      CABI’s direct publishing sales operations were established in India in Oct 2009 to service institutional and academic subscribers, distributors and partners across the region and is headed by?Mr Manish Singh.

      T: +91 (0) 9891 380566

      Email: m.singh@cabi.org?

      Contact us

      Gopi Ramasamy

      Country Director, India

      CABI, 2nd Floor, CG Block, NASC Complex, DP Shastri Marg, New Delhi - 110012, India

      T: +91 9810112952

      E: g.ramasamy@cabi.org

      CABI - India

      CABI India, NASC Complex, Dharamdas Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delhi, Delhi, India

      T: +91 (0) 11 2584 1906

      Centre staff

      Manish Singh

      General Manager - Sales, South Asia

      Nitesh Maan

      Head of IT/Mobile Platforms

      Manju Thakur

      Knowledge bank Coordinator

      Ankit Singhal

      Dev-ops Engineer

      Ganeshamoorthy Rajendran

      Country Coordinator, South Asia

      Arun Jadhav

      Project Manager - Mobile

      Vinod Pandit

      Programme Leader, Development Communications and Extension

      Tirumal Rao

      Area Sales Manager, Southern India

      Malvika Chaudhary

      Asia Regional Coordinator - Plantwise

      Partha Sarathi Majumdar

      IT Team Lead India

      Gopi Ramasamy

      Country Director, India

      Kritika Khanna

      Business Development and Communications Officer