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      Our small North American team concentrate on business development, selling and promoting our publishing products, and supporting our North American customers.


      CABI has three staff members in its team that are based in the USA. They are:

      • Patricia Neenan Kilmartin, Strategic Partnerships Manager, The Americas
      • Hope Jansen, Senior Sales Manager, USA and Canada
      • Merle Adelson, CABI Renewals and Sales Support Associate

      Contact us

      CABI - USA

      One Lincoln Street, 24th Floor, Boston, MA, 02111, USA

      T: +1 (617) 682-9015

      Centre staff

      Juan Carlos Silva

      Regional Sales Manager, Central America and Peru

      Hope Jansen

      Head of Sales, the Americas

      Merle Adelson

      Sales Operations Executive, USA and South America